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Candles For Better Feng Shui

Candles can change the environment of space within a matter of minutes. They can bring in some positive energy in the room and are known to uplift moods. Many people light candles in their living space for better feng shui.

Feng shui and soy candles

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui has been based on the idea that your home or living space reflects you, so the more positive it is, the better impact on your mood and life. By now, your mind would be filled with questions about how candles can be used for better feng shui at your place.

Candles For Feng Shui

Candles represent the fire element that helps to make a place sacred when the candle is lit. Whether it is work you cannot focus on or studying for an exam but feel distracted, lighting a candle can help you clean out the negative and lazy energy from the room and get back to work with a new space of mind.

Suppose you lack the creativity to produce quality and unique content, for example. In that case, writers often go through writer’s block in which they are unable to produce anything that they like and want to go forward with, whether one is writing a book or even just a small article.

Similarly, you may have heard or experienced that artists often face difficulty finding something that inspires them to help them work. In this case, too, lighting a candle can bring better feng shui to your surroundings, and there is a high possibility that your brain starts coming up with new ideas.

Where Should You Keep Your Candle?

It is essential to determine the best place for keeping a candle in your space to ensure that you can experience feng shui. Most people have reported that keeping the candle in their bedroom has helped them significantly.

Other people have reported that keeping candles in their living room or even washrooms has helped bring better feng shui. That is because the water element overpowers the lav, so it is necessary to bring in fire and earth elements. The fire element is taken care of by the candle, and the earth element can be kept in the form of plants.

Several people believe that keeping a candle at their house’s entrance helps bring better feng shui. The best way to bring positive energy is to bring changes to your space, even if they are minor such as replacing that rug near your sofa, which has been there for a long time, or adding decorative pieces to your living room.

Once you have done that, light a candle and feel the negative energy seeping out of your space, and you feel more energetic and hopeful towards life in general. One can add some green friends, i.e., plants, to their living space too because, along with candles, they also bring a joyful environment to your living space.

Benefits Of Lighting A Candle

Whether you want to achieve better feng shui or want to light a candle for no particular reason, there are a few advantages of lighting a candle that you can benefit from when you do light it.

  1. Better Feng Shui

Candles for better feng shui is an obvious one and has been talked about previously. They take away the negative energy and replace it with vibrant and positive energy around you. For most people, the best time for lighting a candle is right after they wake up to be immediately surrounded by positive energy and start with their day in a good mood.

  1. Improves Sleep

Burning a candle can also help you sleep better because it has stress relieving properties that helps you unwind from a hectic day. There are certain smells such as rose, jasmine, mandarin, cedarwood, bergamot, etcetera that are known to release stress and helps with stiffness so that while you sleep, your body muscles can relax which will ultimately help you sleep better.

The mentioned flavors are available at Arimas Candles so if you are finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, you should grab one of our candles to improve your sleep which will have a positive effect on your physical and mental health.

  1. Positive Affect On Mental Health

It has been reported by many candle users that lighting a candle now and then can have a positive effect on one’s mental health. Again, it has all to do with better feng shui in your living space, which brings many other beneficial things for you, including a better mood, improved sleep, and positive effect on mental health.

  1. Motivates You

Lighting a candle can help you feel motivated whether you are demotivated while working or studying. Smelling something pleasant will make your brain happy and produce more dopamine to help you no longer feel lazy and unable to work.

You can also light a candle before you start working out because the motivation factors apply here too. If you feel sluggish or lazy to exercise, a candle can instantly make you feel motivated and start your workout routine.

  1. Less lazy days

As mentioned above, lighting a candle can motivate you and help lift your mood. All these things constitute more productive and less lazy days. One should always be mindful that the things and people they surround themselves with will permanently affect their health.

If you stay clean and clutter-free, you will notice a positive change in your life because there is no negativity around you to make you feel low and coupled with less clutter, candles can also play a role in ensuring that you have productive days and one can work up to their full potential.

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