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Soy Candles

Soy candles are made from renewable and biodegradable materials. Unlike paraffin candles, soy candles are not harmful to the environment but rather have health benefits for humans, so burning a soy candle is encouraged.

History And Development Of Soy Wax

Soy wax is a relatively newer invention than one would have thought it would be. Soy wax beans were developed in 1991 by Michael Richards, who researched what could be used as an alternative to beeswax. Beeswax was expensive, unlike paraffin which was much cheaper.

The primary purpose of bringing this wax n front of the world was a cheaper alternative to the beeswax. When enough research and work had been done on soy wax, it was introduced to the world, and it quickly became a commonly bought item.

The Body Shop, the famous brand that products for body and face care and, in recent time, make up too, was the first brand to sell soy wax candles. They were established, famous, and trusted, so it was not difficult to increase sales for soy wax candles.

Slowly more businesses opened up, and the ones that existed already started adding soy candles to their stock, and soon they became quite popular. They can be found in any shop and even online stores where they sell soy candles in the UK.

We at Arimas Candles, are focused to provide the most superior quality of candles to the buyers so they are encouraged to buy from us again. We work towards bringing the finest quality products for our customers.

The brand is a relatively new one however, after a thorough research and testing, the candles are created to ensure they are as dafe for the environment and people as possible.

They are much more preferred than paraffin candles and even beeswax candles, as those could be pretty expensive.

In recent years, scented candles have become very trendy, and you will notice that they are used in every other house. However, it is crucial to choose suitable scented candles because some of them have harmful ingredients that negatively affect us and the environment.

How Are Soy Candles Created?

Soy wax comes from the soil bean oil. To make soybeans usable for manufacturing many things, the soybeans that have been harvest are first cleaned, then cracked, dehulled, and finally rolled into flakes.

Once that process is complete, the soy wax is extracted from the soy flakes and then taken to factories. At the factories, those flakes are put into boilers. Those boilers are scorching, which is what the flakes need to turn into wax. Remember! These steps are done by professionals who know their job because they have been doing it for many years.

Making soy wax is not something one can sit at home and do it. It required equipment, knowledge, means, etcetera to ensure that one can produce a good quality product. While the wax is melting in the boiler mentioned above, the worker adds color, fragrance, and other essential oils required to make the candle.

When the wax has boiled enough, it is then added to jars that have already been set up for them, along with the wicks added to them, which will light up the candle. While the wax was melting in the boiler, workers ensure that the jars are ready and the wicks are appropriately set up when the wax is being poured, so they do not move.

After the wax has been poured, those jars are left overnight, so the wax hardens, and candles are ready to be sent to shops for selling. The workers who work in these soy candle factories are specifically trained for this job

Without the training, people are not allowed to work as it can be a dangerous job because if the wax falls on someone or themselves, it could cause bruising and burns on the skin. Arimas Candles have been created and launched in the market after months of testing which is why you choose to buy from them.

Benefits Of Soy Candles

Soy candles made in the UK are becoming more popular with time as people realize how beneficial they are. People have started making the right decisions about buying scented candles. It is important that one purchases soy candles from a brand that believes in satisfying their customers with the quality of product that they use such as Arimas Candles.

Here are some benefits of soy candles!

  1. Longer Life

Soy candles last longer than paraffin candles, so many brands manufacture soy candles in the UK instead of other types of candles. Longer life means more worth the money than those candles that burn out faster, and you have to replace them.

  1. Environment Friendly

A mentioned above, soy candles are friendly to the environment as they do not have any harmful ingredients. The materials used in them are renewable and biodegradable, which is another reason why you should opt for this candle instead of the paraffin wax candle.

  1. Clean Burning

Soy candles are known to burn cleaner as compared to other candles. While all candles leave black soot, soy candles have less black soot than different candles, making them less messy and healthier to use. 

  1. Great For Decor

Soy candles give you health benefits, and they are great decor pieces around your space. They do not look out of place whether you put them on your nightstand or even in your toilet. Some soy candles made in the UK are cheap, so they make for the perfect decor pieces.

  1. Soothing

Soy candles are very soothing whether you have had a long day at work or experiencing a headache. Light a soy candle, and you will feel much better. Because they are soothing, they are often used in meditation to feel calm and at peace when they smell the candle.


Soy candles are much better in many ways as compared to other candles made out of different wax. They are vegan and cheaper than some wax options out there in the market. Arimas Candles produce soy candles in the UK, that work towards the customers’ satisfaction and provide them with the best products.

We aim to not just do good to the people who buy our products but also to the environment.  There are already many people who have been the reason for pollution on this planet, and we would like to be those who are not part of the said list.

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