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About Us

Welcome to Arimas Candles

At Arimas Candles, we make sure that you get the finest quality. Our candles are made from biodegradable soy wax for a cleaner, longer burn.

arimas soy candles london online storeArimas was launched in 2020 during the pandemic by Sam, a Software Engineer. Sam has always been passionate about home decor and design. As a result, she decided to take advantage of staying home and expressed her passion for creating, which led her to candle-making path. After few months of testing different wax, wicks, and essential oils, she created perfect hand-made candles using only vegan and eco-friendly ingredients.

All candles are sourced sustainably to ensure a healthy and non-toxic product. The glass container is reusable; you can turn it later into a small vase or a cactus planter.

Each candle is lovingly hand-poured in London. Hope you enjoy the products.



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